What People Are Saying

Michael hosted a community wine tasting event and was very helpful from event planning and prep through execution. He is very knowledgeable about wine and had a wonderful slide show presentation about each wine we tasted. The presentation was thorough, each wine was described in terms of region, grape type, color, taste, smell etc. There were a couple of fun activities such as a “guess the smell” game that consisted of sniffing a few covered bowls and guessing the smell. Definitely recommend Michael!
Sep 19, 2019

Melissa M. via Thumbtack Inc

Michael was amazing! We were able to do our tasting virtually and it was such a great experience. He was knowledgeable, professional and just all around fun. Michael was able to schedule something in a very short window and was incredibly responsive and accommodating. I would highly recommend him for anyone that is looking for a top sommelier! I cannot wait book again. 5 Stars *****    Nov 6, 2020

Katie S., Thumbtack Inc

“Michael is a professional with great wine knowledge. He is always on time, very well prepared and excited to teach. You will not be disappointed in all that you learn about the world of wine! He stays current with his wine knowledge by taking classes, attending seminars and annual wine conferences and working with wine every day!”

Jean D.
The Tasting Company


“Michael worked as a consulting Wine Educator for J Ross Wine. He shows extreme enthusiasm when learning about a wine region, so he can represent the region at its best. Michael ALWAYS puts in the extra effort. He brings enthusiasm and has an “easy to work with” personality. At the present time, I exclusively work with a handful of consulting wine educators – Michael is one of them. It is a pleasure to be associated with him.”

Jo-Ann R.
J Ross Wines


“I have known Mike Blake for several years and recommend him highly for wine events and classes. Mike and I became acquainted when we were students in Level 3 classes with Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) in Boston. We became study partners and have remained friends ever since. Mike is driven by his love of wine and all that it requires. He not only enjoys tasting, studying and working with wine, but he is constantly improving and educating himself by taking classes and broadening his knowledge. I am impressed with how often Mike makes the effort to visit and become familiar with wineries throughout California while he is here. He puts the rest of us to shame! I have worked as a Wine Educator in the Napa Valley for seven years; five of those were at Robert Mondavi Winery. When I heard that my former supervisor was looking for seasonal Wine Educators at Robert Mondavi, I recommended Mike, knowing that he was looking for this particular type of work. He was hired, and for the past two years has been a resounding success. The management at Mondavi values his expertise in wine in addition to his friendly and welcoming manner. Consequently, they have expanded his job requirements and trust him with important and specialized groups. Mike’s love of wine is clearly evident in his work as is his experience and expertise. He would be a valuable addition to any wine event.”

Rebecca F. Miller, Diploma WSET
Wine Educator, Davies Vineyards
St. Helena, CA


“Michael has been my colleague for several years at the Tasting Company in Massachusetts. We have worked together at many wine festivals, trade tastings, and grand tasting events. Michael always arrives at each event well-prepared and with a smile. His wine knowledge is extensive, and his experience in the wine industry is quite broad. Above all, Michael always demonstrates a strong enthusiasm for his work. He can easily engage and educate both wine consumers and wine professionals. Michael is an important contributor to the wine community on both the East and West coasts.”

Erica Frey,  WSET Diploma, CS, CWE