Welcome Wine Lovers !

Tasting Your Wines, in Your Home (or Virtually),  with Your friends. 

A new concept – tasting your wines in your home with your friends led by a Certified Sommelier.

We also taste wines virtually using Zoom or Google Meet. Order wines from any of several online stores for home delivery. Connect on-line for an hour long virtual Tasting!

Maybe you attended retail store tastings, winery tastings or wine parties. The motive, of course, is to taste wine and sell wine.

However, my approach is different. You have wines with dinner during the week. Your friends do the same. You might ask, “Why is this wine different than last nights wine?” 

I can help. I don’t sell wine. I have years of wine knowledge as a Certified Sommelier working at retail stores, wineries and leading wine tasting groups. I explain wine nuances, the grapes, the regions by leading you and your friends through a group tasting. My fee is my time, that’s all. (And a few sips of wine). For example, you want to explore Italian red wines but the regions, the grapes are confusing. We could create a tasting with several wines from different regions. Maybe you would like to know the difference between French wines and Californian wines. We could create an Old World vs New World comparative tasting. We have hundreds of wine themes available.

Your benefit?  You buy the wines, control the budget and invite your friends. Better yet, invite your friends and ask THEM to bring the wines! 

Clients that enjoy this service generally, love wine, love food, have friends with similar interests, are inquisitive, and want to know more.  This approach might also pique the interest of a reluctant, beer drinking spouse.

During these stay-at-home times, we also provide virtual tastings. Order wines from your retailer for delivery or pick-up. Ask your friends to order the same wines. Then we all conference together. 

Invite your friends to a Private Wine Tasting!

Schedule a private Sommelier wine tasting. A Certified Sommelier explains the wide array of wines and also consult about food & wine pairings. We can Create a Wine Presentation from hundreds of wine themes.